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About Us

After years of working with overseas Developers using the major freelance sites to build our very own startup, we noticed that besides being able to find Devs at a fraction of the cost, the majority of Devs found did very unprofessional work, they were not organized, did not test and had weak code/design skills.

So where do bootstrapped startups go to develop their MVP’s? We decided to create a solution…welcome to PortBoost.

We have an amazing team of highly skilled developers/designers that understand the startup culture and specialize in fitting within a bootstrapped budget. We have years of combined experience working with startups; we’ve attended Founders Space, one of the top Incubators in the country based in San Francisco. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a startup from an idea to a reality.

No more need to “gamble” on your startup, our team will help you build your dream. Technology has the ability to change the future…we help you build something that can.

PortBoost. Where Startups come to create.

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